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You bought Crystal Jewelry from my crystal website.

You know I run competitions to build email lists for lead gen.

You know I write emails for cart abandonment. Consumption sequences. Pretty much anything else you can think of when it comes to email …

Or maybe you just wanted to know a little bit more about me and other stuff you either need to know, should know or it’s just interesting to know …

"Life is full of inspiring writings, images and people who have made a difference.

However. With a strong enough symbol, you can empower yourself to move boldly forward – into the face of the unknown"

Ash Webb

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The Readers Digest (Fast) version …

Ex. Door to Door salesperson

Ex. Printer.

Still. Direct Response Ad Agency owner.

Ex. Newspaper Publisher.

Ex. Security specialist (mining).

Still. Cold B2B email specialist.

Email List Profit Extractor.

Ecomm biz owner

I like. No, Make that LOVE – email. The business asset that offers more ROI in marketing your goodies or skills than anything I have ever come across.

It doesn't go out of fashion.

I have been doing this for a while now.

In the "olden days" I learnt my craft with snail mail when I owned "I think" Australia's first mail order printing business.

We (my partner and I) would print large letters and send them out to untold thousands of businesses.

From those letters would come a flood of orders for our little printery in Queensland (did I mention I live in Australia?).

Fast forward a few years and I expanded into promoting real estate for developers. Tooting my own horn a little. I was good at it. Fucking good. Whole suburbs arose from our marketing.

All the way along I had mentors…

I needed to learn how to run a printing business. I partnered with an employee of one of the countries first quick printers.

Then I needed to expand so I hired an old time pro printer (cold type style) and set him up in business supplying both me and the whole of southeast Qld with high quality artwork.

Next mentor … A chance meeting with an old dude who brought US style PR to Australia in the 70's. He taught me the ropes. That lead me to starting the boutique ad agency (the property one mentioned earlier.

Then I started a newspaper. Again I needed to get ROI FAST so I hired the best guy from the largest newspaper. I ran that for near 30 years until I got bored and sold out to my staff. THAT was one of the dumbest things I have ever done!

I only ever worked 1 week a month … sigh

But, as they say – there's more …

And off I went into futures trading.

With a side venture into promoting and running international seminars.

… and yes there were mentors there also. They still have my money. … Fuckers.

The trading? Another mentor – Bill Williams (of alligator fame). Actually the trading started while I had other ventures happening. Because of what I learnt from Bill I can look at a chart and in 10 seconds know if it's a buy (and when), hold (until when), or sell (and when).

Thanks Bill (and Justine).

May he RIP.

Words have always fascinated me.

I think I can't write for shit.

I have always admired great copywriting (words on paper (or screens)).

When email was invented I realised that it would kill anything in its path.

And it has.

And continues to do so.

It's the "back end" of any successful business. It's been called "dead" so many times … it isn't dead. Not by a long shot.

Its ROI is WAY higher than anything. According to some people the average earn per email on your list is a $1 per month.

If you look after your list.

If you nurture those who trusted you enough to share their name and contact details with you.

Only getting $1 a month is close to disastrous. That guy in the video below gets well over $40 if memory serves.

So … other than the story about my past.

What's in it for YOU?

What CAN I do for you.

I build email lists. I help you nurture those lists. I help you monetize those lists.

I use myself and various mentors who specialize in email to get what you want.

More leads. More sales. Faster ROI.

Some I do myself.

If I can help you I will tell you.

If I can't I will send you to someone who can help you.


HERE is the no BS reason I am an email addict.

And why your business should be too…

So … here's a quick word from a dude whose sold over $100 million online. 100 MILLION !!

That is a ton of widgets, courses or anything …

He's one of my my mentors. If you think you cannot increase your biz's sales by using email then you are in for a shock. Actually I will tear up my invoice if you can't make money from email. In the USA the presidential candidates make – ummm make that "raise" millions in donations by using email (Politicians don't ever actually make anything).

Ecommerce has and still is destroying pretty much every brick and mortar biz out there. I can go on and on. I won't though. Let me PROVE it to you that online and things digital are killing EVERYTHING in its path.

That's it. No contact form. No pop-up. No sales pitch.

If you use, or don't and know you should use email in your business feel free to reach out to me for a chat to:

ash @ ashwebb dot com