Tattoos I love them. One thing I have always wondered ... What would happen if BEFORE you had a tattoo inked you consulted a psychic? Weird? Yes, sure sounds that way ... Let me explain. You see when you have a tattoo you are branding yourself until the day you die. That tattoo pattern defines who you are. That tattoo brings in an energy that mingles with you. It makes sense to consult with a higher order to make sure your tattoo serves you. Get some answers like ... Is it the right color? Shape? Placement on your body? Size? and more ...  Maybe you could add, or take something away from it to give it more metaphysical power. Intriguing thought ... yes? So we went out and found a psychic who has a special connection to symbols, images and their metaphysical meanings. We found Donna. We think she is a none-in-a-million - She is a gem ... During your session Donna listens patiently while you explain your new (OR NEXT) tattoo. Then the magic begins. While in a trance, Donna makes contact with her spiritual guides who, in turn, reach out to yours. Then via a series of pre-programmed questions your next tattoo will be matched to your DNA. Any modifications will be mentioned. The metaphorical significance will be explained to you. Different? You bet! Now, we understand that this is full on woo woo. And we are fine with that ... and have been for well over 45 years. That's way before woo woo was even invented!

Email Marketing for small businesses

Email OUTSELLS nearly EVERYTHING. The only two exceptions we can think of are you (face to face - BUT way expensive) and BOTS ('cos they never sleep - little workaholics they are).

Anyway, Once set up properly email is nearly free. It is not in your face. It fills stores. Makes your new customers enjoy buying from you. Takes no time to operate.

ONCE SET UP PROPERLY. And that is the key. MOST people don't do email right. They try hard. Sadly mostly too hard. And it shows.

The secret to customer retention is ...

See the green button below.

24 Hour Sales Staff systems

BOTS... those pop up thingy's (that can but rarely do) answer all the questions that your website visitors have. While you are asleep!

A well designed bot, in my opinion, should be useful in helping you make more sales. At the very least answering your customers most pressing questions. Questions getting answered. That is the THIRD time I have mentioned them! Best way to know what a bot can do is to SHOW you. Let's go ... shall we?

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