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Your website tells your story.

Those things, people and processes that are unique to your business.

Getting started ... To use one of these shells is easy - simply choose the "shell" you want to use. Pay for it. Write your text and gather your photographs. We receive all the above and get started. As soon as we have added your content we will share an approval link so you see your site live.
Love it? Our job is done and we release the site to you.
More work needed? We continue until you are happy.

Of course, If you know what you want - and the design is not here - reach out to us. 

Click on each pic below to see a live AshWebbSite

BIG picture. This style is all graphic and will either feature a stock image, and image of your premises OR mobile equipment (if they are important - They ARE if you are mobile and come to your clients). Front and centre is lead gen. Remember, you MUST have a darn good reason for someone to hand out their details right up front (hint: you newsletter isn't a good reason). In other words, WHAT is your Offer? In this case its a monetary bonus rather than an information based bonus. IF you are stuck for something to offer - we are pretty darn good on helping clients (note: that is not included in the package).

BIG picture style two. This highlights what you do with an emphasis on how the person visiting your site will benefit by doing business with you.

Professional and ACTION oriented - sign here - lets do business. But first let me prove to you how darn good I am. Note the tips. the fear of making a mistake, or losing (time, in this example). The "about us" front and centre. You get the picture.

Chic and fashionable - make no mistake these kind of site are the hardest to do because the fickelness of fashion changes so fast. If you are in any of the fashion or style oriented niches be prepared to include redesigns every year as a core part of your marketing budget.

Content. If a buyer is going to research your product or service this is the kind of site you need. You want them to do all their research on YOUR site. You do not want them trolling around the net doing their research. the second they go. They are gone forever because they won't remember you. If you used paid traffic to get them there you are screwed. PPC (pay per click) is VERY expensive (done right its awesome).

Video. Most sites can use video. The trouble is video can get REALLY expensive fast.
There is also the small fact that public speaking terrifies most people. The good news. There are options. Like that style of video I used at the top of the page. It's not me. Its a robot reading text. You can have a cartoon. You can have a real human. You can do a voice over. Heck you can use a whiteboard style video with areal human (the US accent can be changed to suit your location - we operate globally - so should you) like on the site sample just above this text here.
You can do pretty much anything. There are a LOT of different choices.
SO LONG as they are effective. Most people don't care if you have a chrome plated left hand screwdriver to undo their widgets. However they DO care that you have been doing it for 40 years AND are up with the latest technology.
Video sells like crazy. OR it makes people THINK you know what you are doing ... sneaky hey?

Questions we have been asked. And some we haven't.

A lot of your designs have forms to get my visitors email addresses. Why?
Great question. Imagine for a minute that you were either a cattle thief (rustler if you are American) or a farmer (a rancher in the US).
As a rustler you wake up and go find some cattle and take them to town, sell them and enjoy the rest of your day if you had a good day rustling.
A bad day and it's baked beans!
As a rancher, you wake up each morning and look out over your herd. You are happy. Your herd is happy because you feed them. Life is good.
We don't like to wake up each morning and have to start from scratch earning an income like 90% of businesses (rustler).
We like to have our income come to us (rancher).
If you do not know where your next customer is coming from you are like a rustler.
If you control how many people come to you (via email) you are a rancher.
Interesting? No. Yes.

Your email list is an asset that you can go to as often as you wish to generate sales. Of course there are ways to nurture your list so that they can respond with sales. First off, you need to build your list. List building is one of our add-on services.

How on earth do I get enough information to fill up my web site. I am too busy, too old, too young, too ... Can you help me? Of course. If that is what has been holding you back from upgrading your old model T looking website then that can be fixed in a snap. You know far more than you think. Our job is to prise that information out so your AshWebbSite looks interesting, functional and fit for your purpose.
Of course extracting the goods is a little time consuming, so there is a small fee for that. Make no mistake, in a years time you will have forgotten how much it was to get your site filled up with content. The stress level drops dramatically when we customise everything for you. Ask.

Copy-writing is the term used for your sales message. The "stuff" that gets people interested enough to make a phone call or add their name to your email list. We love, and specialise in moving people through your sales funnel.

You have mentioned funnels. What do you mean?
Solid question. The funnel is the journey someone follows from having never heard of you to becoming a customer.
For instance, your journey right here, right now.
You didn't just wake up this morning and decide that trolling around AshWebbSite might be an interesting way to spend some time and maybe even help you in ditching your old clunky web site for  a new modern one.
The words we used and the appeals struck a chord with you.
Whatever the reason, you wound up here. Reading this you will be either nodding your head or will have left.
Because you are still here, a conversation is going on inside your head while I talk about getting close to your prospects. All that is a part of the sales funnel.

The journey from never having heard of someone to the decision to become a client, or even a friend (or a wife).
If you end up at the other end of the funnel you become a client/friend/wife.

If you don't see a good fit. You leave the funnel. maybe never to return, Maybe to come back weeks, days or even years later. THAT there, is why communicating with your clients via things such as email is so critical.
While you are thinking over whether to get your AshWebbSite and what I have said. You are a still a prospect. That is how it should be.
Funnels should NOT be manipulative - they can be very much so in the wrong hands. Interesting? I think so.

There you have it. EVERY successful company uses a funnel. Until we know what a funnel is we are oblivious and happily float through someones sales process. Controlling the funnel flow is key.

Looking at your AshWebbSite shells I see you have a "do something now" in one form or another on each of them. Why?
Great question that nobody has ever asked. Web sites are primarily made by graphic artists. Graphic artists and coders. They follow how a site "looks" rather than how it looks and how useful it is to the owner - you.
You want sales. You want leads. You want someone to reach out to you and say "Hey, You are helping me decide to buy what i want - on that basis here is my email address".

Look at an "old fashioned site" (here is one with no name - hopefully I didn't grab yours!!! lol).  That is an "old fashioned" site.
Didn't put a link did I?

I really don't need to ... You know if your site is in need of a re-do.

You know if there is no "sell" on it.
Now, no doubt you have already looked at way too many web sites and are as confused as heck because after a while they all start to look similar. They are similar because pretty much most web designers start with a shell and modify it to suit the client (you). No question - It will look GREAT.
Though It probably won't make you any money because "they" told you that if you have a great looking site peeps will bash your door down.
Sad fact.
They won't.
People do not care about you, your business or much anything else.

People care about THEMSELVES.
When someone comes to your sexy looking new website via adwords, bing ads, facebook ads, Google organic search or ANY other reason, all they are caring about is what is in it for them.
If, for instance, they have a leaking toilet and there is poo all over the floor - they want that sucker fixed NOW. If you are an emergency plumber your web site darn well better say that or they will go to someone whose site does. 

They have a car that is running like crap - again they want to TRUST that you can make it work like you expect. If your customer feedback shows that you can't even communicate with them and people are bitchin on Google about your service. They will go elsewhere FAST. BTW, It's called Reputation Management and I help people get their business reputation management back on track (so long as it's not a real issue).

One more example ... hey you have read a LOT of stuff about websites you might not have ever thought about. Good. I want a switched-on client who knows WHY I am doing things in their marketing. The best business owners and managers have a basic understanding of marketing. where were we? Oh yes, example three.

Let's look at the law webbsite (brown toned one on the left). Doesn't matter if you are not a lawyer but an accountant or consultant or ANY kind of professional.
You MUST MUST MUST prove to a prospect that you are ... professional.
How can you do that FAST?
Your CTA (call-to-action) will do that for you (IF done right - MOST do it wrong, VERY wrong).

The arty farty types will tell you that the brown earthy tones are helping to give a solid professional, grounding impression. Personally, I only realised that when I started writing this. My main focus is ALWAYS thinking like a prospect thinks - WHAT'S in it for ME.
I LOVE those photographs lawyers use of their staff all standing there like dummies. If you aint photogenic - don't use a big pic of your head (except if you are ME and  like to do the opposite of everyone else - ;).
I can talk for hours about this ... relax - I wont.

Interesting? No. Yes.

Now you know what a CTA (call to action) is it won't be possible to look at your competitors web site and not give a little smile because that right there is something that YOU will do better than them. Marketing.
Remember - an AshWebbSite has your marketing back covered.

Your Name
Your Email Address

Customise Your New Website For Sales.

Off the shelf websites are good. You can go from zero to hero FAST. To take your website to the next level you need the tools to automate your growth process so you can work on your business, rather than in it. There is a HUGE difference. Here are some tools to start with ...

Investigate these  add-ons ...

Email Marketing

Email marketing and List Building Module - Buy once - NEVER pay again!

Exit Intent

The ULTIMATE Attention Getter module.

Website Hosting

Somewhere to put your website - Hosting package


Email Marketing and List Building Module - Buy Once - NEVER pay subscription fee again!

The ultimate marketing tool is your email list. It is an asset, and will, when used properly,  generate cash for free.
If you do it right.
Let me give you some examples. Imagine you have a shop in a large shopping centre. Any Westfield will do. You think you don't need to advertise for clients - because they do it all for you. Wrong.
So there you are. It's a quiet day - all the shops around you are empty. Not yours. You noticed at 10am that today was starting off S L O W. So you sent an email with a couple of specials to your client list.
A slow day turned into a great day. Nice.
There are way too many other benefits to building your client list to go into here. Unlike every other email marketing software there are no monthly operational  fees. Once our software is installed on your website and you NEVER have to pay monthly subscription fees again.


Exit Intent - The ULTIMATE Attention Getter module.

If you have ever travelled, you have bargained. You know when you see something you like and the seller makes you one final offer as you get ready to leave ...

Exit Intent - THIS is what that final offer is called - online style, when added to your website. It's not some lame annoying pop-up like every other person has. this IS different.

You have a chance to sell something, anything one last time - If you don't want to sell anything you can even remind them how fantastic they are for visiting your site.

To see how it works just pretend to leave this page.
Once you have seen the page THEN click on the RED X on the top right to come back here.

Interesting? You bet.

Response rates go through the roof with this tool. It's a no-brainer. You have invested cash to get people to your web site - don't waste that money by letting them leave empty handed. You can use the page to gather emails, have once only specials, what you can put on that last page is up to your imagination. Have no imagination? We do. And can help you out with suggestions.


Somewhere to put your website - Hosting Package

Once you have your shiny new website it's time to host it somewhere. Why not with us? Our servers are located right near Silicon Valley so speed is FAST. Downtime is non existant. And we ensure that things that others charge for are included. Like SSL encryption and daily backups. From $15 per month on a 12 month set-and-forget agreement. You pay for 10 months we give you 12. That's $150 done and dusted.

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