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Brisbane. Queensland. Australia


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Introducing: Ash Webb

“Crystals and esoteric pursuits have been at the top of my mind for many decades – from basic hypnosis to ultra “out there” I have worked with many modalities. Crystals and their energies coupled with intention have been a driving force”

The Fast Backstory …

in chrono order:

  • Door to Door salesperson
  • Printer.
  • Direct Response Ad Agency owner.
  • Newspaper Owner/Publisher.
  • Asset security specialist (mining).
  • Cold B2B email specialist (still).
  • Email List Profit Extractor (still)
  • Crystal Jewellery (everything) (still)

But producing a shopping list of career highlights goes nowhere to explain what drives someone. Some of those pursuits above we “forced” upon me by circumstances at the time. Some I chose. Some I planned. has been decades in the making. Welcome.

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