Quit for $47

In less than ONE HOUR - you can be an EX Smoker!

No Cravings.

No Weight Gain.

No Irritability.

We recorded a live $500 quit smoking session that you can buy for a LOW $47

Quit after 1 listen
Quit after completing   our system

PROVEN in the trenches to help  you Quit Smoking in ONE hour ...

Make no mistake. This is upsetting the establishment. They want you to come into their clinics and spend upwards of $500 for a session. You can PERMANENTLY quit cigarettes in under an hour from the comfort of your own home. For a fraction of the cost.

"This just downright works - No idea why I would want to pay  10 times more for the same thing"

Is quitting this easy? ... YES

Quit TODAY for a $47 Once Only Payment!

Q & A ... Here is a quick summary of some of the questions we have been asked.

In Home Listening

This is a full session.
Did you know? In a clinical situation. At first there is the initial interview where we talk about the subconscious mind. Then we explain BWE (Brainwave Entrainment) to you.
To be effective, you don't need to know the ins and outs and scientific backgrounds. You just need to know that the system works. AT HOME

No Weight Gain

We cover weight gain in your Quit  session. Too many people have quit smoking and replaced one habit with another - such as food. Not a good outcome! We train your mind during your Quit session to not replace cigarettes with food. Breathing clean fresh air is much better.

No Cravings

Relax and rest assured your session is designed so you have no cigarette cravings. Either for food, or just something to put in your hands.

Super Affordable

While an "in clinic" or unnatural  Skype session can leave hardly any change from $500 or more. This REAL "own forever" audio session is WAY lower than that. See our special offers for you today.

Fast and Complete

A Quit session is usually a "once only" event and you will have become a non smoker. Some people can benefit from a second listen. And of course if in the future you ever feel as if you may fall off the wagon your audio is always ready. 

Scientific Methods

Behind my voice and the overlaid music and sound effects. Brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology keeps you at the best  state to receive the most benefit the fastest. Because you must use headphones you actually get a better and deeper session than if you attended a clinic.

No need to be nervous

A large part of your session is hypnosis. You may not have realized it. Whenever you are engrossed in something interesting. Like a hobby. Watching a favorite TV show. Or even sports. You are in a hypnotic state. While you probably never realized it. You have been hypnotized thousands of times. Your Quit session is ... very relaxing.

You won't be Irritable

Every smoker knows about the negatives to quitting. You become a grouch to those around you. Your Quit session ensures you will finish  one hour later a healthier and happier non smoker. Those around you may not even notice that you are not smoking anymore. Nice.

Reduces Stress Levels

Because the full session is so complete. Your overall stress levels will fall dramatically. To make sure you stay relaxed and focused each package includes a separate 7 minute quick relaxation program. This session is yours to use whenever, wherever you want.

 Massive Saving - Still only $47 

Can you make a quick decision?
If you want to quit today - you can quit today for only $47.
Stop Smoking Tips. This is number one by a mile. Just decide to stop. Even if you need to psych yourself up and pick a particular day to "do it". That's fine. Once you own your Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes session, it is always ready whenever you are.
Once you have quit smoking forever - things will be different. You will have a whole new world open up to you. No more ashtrays. No more packets of cigarettes lying around reminding you that you used to be so weak.
And if you have children, you won't be sending them a message that it's Ok to smoke. No parent wants that.

This is the full Quit Smoking session. Professionally recorded with Lab Quality BWE audio inserted and soothing background sounds.


Want More Money?

When money is an issue. It's time to change. Time to find cash. Time to swap a bad habit for cash. Speed is of the essence. Got 60 minutes? You have known from the first day you realised that smoking really wasn't "cool" anymore that you should quit.
You tried. And failed.
Maybe you even went to your doctor and took some flawed medication that had side effects worse than you imagined.
For a few measly dollars you can have a PROVEN system. By people just like us. As you know, or didn't, I was a smoker (pack a day). Your quit smoking session will always be yours.  Hey, I quit multiple decades ago but still get temped. It's nice to own an "always there IF I need it" tool . One 60 minute session should do the trick.

If you are thinking ...

I smoke TOO many to be able to stop easily.
I have had 5 or more packet a day smokers stop instantly. No withdrawals. Nothing. And on the money side - one bought his daughter a car with what he saved! 
I put on weight when I stopped before.
I have had 5 or more packet a day smokers stop instantly. No withdrawals. Nothing. And on the money side - one bought his daughter a car with what he saved!
I will get soooo pissed off and angry if I quit.
Yup! THAT was ME. When I was younger I had a short fuse. Add in the stress of withdrawal symptoms and "get outa my way"!! Even though I am your hynotherapist AND I used my own recordings, I keep getting surprised that no-one gets stressed when they use my session. 
I don't have strong willpower. If I did I would have already quit.
What a GREAT point! I agree with you too. When my kids were little they used to say "dad, why don't you stop smoking?" I tried (nearly 5 different times), and failed each time. One time was for a year. Then I started again. The cruncher was when i took my own advice. I still have my original recording - a cassette tape (remember them?). The difference with hypnosis is you don't need willpower. Here's why. Hypnosis changes your internal "stories" we tell ourselves. You know the ones. I can't do this or that. Until you do. EVERYTHING you have ever learnt to do. When you started you couldn't do it. Then you learnt and never gave it a second thought. Hypnosis is like that.
I "hang out" for my smoke when I ...
Fill in the blank! For me it was when I had a drink. Others, it's when they sit down for a coffee, work break or whatever you use to STOP. You will still be able to STOP and have a drink, coffee or work break as an ex smoker. Making sure those times that used to trigger a "smoke break" are not an issue anymore - they are all covered in your session.
What if I start again?
THAT, my friend is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You OWN the session. It's YOURS. It is digitally signed to you so it is linked to you and your only. Having a weak moment? Listen to your session again. Easy. Like I said earlier, my original I made when I was a beginning hypnotherapist is still sitting in a drawer even though I quit decades ago. Just in case! No, I have not had to listen to it again. I just know it's there.
Decide NOW.

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