In Less Than ONE Hour You Can Be An EX Smoker -  A Proven System As Used By The Hypnotherapist Himself AND His Clients!

Never before offered - This is from my private vault:

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    Uses Brain-Wave Entrainment to destroy the urge to smoke. You will match relaxation levels often seen in a Zen Monk after 20 years practice!
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    Uses Proven Hypnotherapy Techniques that I personally use on myself to get the outcome I want - No matter how stressed I am.
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    A stressed person is an ineffective person. Enjoy being a non smoker again - the stress free way!


I used my own system to quit smoking! I know it works and so do my clients - now you can quit smoking - painlessly. No needles (acupuncture), drugs and their side effects. No wishing and hoping. Read about my proven (and guaranteed) system below.

I have NEVER shared these tools. EVER... because I made them for myself and my own in-clinic clients...

Many years ago when I was a smoker (often two packs a day) I tried EVERYTHING that was going to help me quit and STAY a non smoker. I wanted to get myself back on track. This is what I am offering you today. I have used it on myself to become a PERMANENT non smoker FAST. It has worked on MANY clients as well since those early days.

Once you have quit smoking forever - things will be different. You will have a whole new world open up to you. No more ashtrays. No more packets of cigarettes lying around reminding you that you used to be so weak.
And if you have children, you won't be sending them a message that it's Ok to smoke. No parent wants that.

I KNOW what it's like to try quitting - again and again. Stop. Get angry. Start again. Stop. Get fat. Start again. Stop. Go nuts with cravings. Start again ...
Until I finally DECIDED - Enough was enough!
I made my own hypnosis audio - I haven't smoked for decades!” Ash Webb - your Hypnothapist

Revolutionary New Mind Software Uncovers The REAL Reasons You Smoke and Clears Them...
NO Cravings.
You will be able to Quit and not be constantly wondering when your next smoke break is.
NO Weight Gain.
Yes, it's true, you will be able to Quit and not stress about gaining weight
NO Irritability.
No more Mr or Ms Cranky Pants! Relax. You won't become a grouch to those around you
Yes, A Quit session is usually a "once only" event and you will have become a non smoker.

With this system you'll get these  benefits:


​Works FAST

In our frantic world - speed of outcome is critical. Action takers ARE rewarded. Step one is perspective. Ultra-Mind QUIT gets you that .. in spades. Then comes the fun part as your energy levels and health improve.


​Gets Even Better With Use

The beauty of Brainwave Entrainment is also in the name. It gets easier and better with use. Make no mistake. Ultra-Mind QUIT works straight out of the box. Today.


​Use Anywhere

Because Ultra-Mind QUIT is an audio system you can use it anywhere. Nothing else is needed other than headphones. What an excuse to buy some new headphones ...


Save Money

The money. What more reason do you want? You know that burning cash is really hard to explain to anyone and not have them wonder ...


Regain Your Health

You know it's really all about health. Saving money is nice. Having poor health just downright sucks. Look after yourself.

Fit In Again

You can fit in. Again. In the old days (when you were young!) it was cool to smoke. Smoking just isn't cool anymore. Not smoking is the new "cool".

​Get Your Sense of Smell Back!

You'll smell! One of the first things that come back to an ex-smoker is their sense of smell.
Enjoy it.


Get Your Taste Back!

Taste. Wow. Another benefit you will enjoy is that your favourite foods taste better. Any food tastes better. Enjoy the flavors.

​No More Nagging Cough

No more nagging cough. One day you will think back and smile when you don't have smokers cough anymore. Nice.

"A testimonial like this can really boost sales..."

"While sharing testimonials is standard practice for most things Internet related. As sellers of our private use products we believe in a cultivating a professional attitude. We do not share our clients details in clinic. We don't do it on-line. We value our privacy, and yours.

Once you become a client of ours you are welcomed into the extended family. We share other tools we have developed with you and as you grow we help you as best we can. Like sleep tools. And more than a few other hypnosis tools we have built over the years and recorded for our own use. A little rough round the edges but no less effective. We look after our family.

Ultra-Mind QUIT is just the stepping off point. Our retail "front end" so to speak.

The first thing that will happen when you become a client will be to discover how else we can help you. What issues you are facing and with the vast  tool-chest at our disposal - we aim to increase your well-being, energy and hopefully income along the way". 

- ​Ash Webb (Change Architect)

How the Ultra-Mind QUIT system works for you - here are the components that make up the core:


What is Brainwave Entrainment?
And Why It Matters...

"Science has proven that when we listen to "out of sync" audio in each ear our brain mixes them. THEN treats them as one!"

You might have heard of the old style brainwave entrainment. It was called binaural beats. Extremely "clunky" and outdated and VERY ineffective (but cheap). Researchers (I am one) have been using a  newer system for decades. The catch? Our equipment is lab quality and expensive. 

Let's look at Alpha Waves these are the levels of genius and productivity

The fastest brainwave is called Beta. You are in Beta right now as you read this. It's your thinking brainwave. You will be weighing up the pro's and con's of ordering my system, you will look at the technology, you will look at the guarantee, you will take in all the hard facts.

Creativity cannot live in Beta brainwaves. It just isn't possible. Creativity requires Alpha and Theta brainwaves. Those of us at the cutting edge know this and have used the system you will get access to for decades. We "program" our brains to overcome those very human traits that have us following our whims distractions. Habit destruction is the key to success. And gentle reader, that is why it can be so elusive. No more!

  • Creativity requires Alpha and Theta brainwaves. .
  • While all this talk about brainwaves and switching from one to the other and back again can be confusing. Don't worry the ultra-Mind QUIT System is constructed to gently transition you from one frequency to the next. You won't know that it is happening. More about that in a minute.

Theta, that level that destroys stress and boosts well-being.

Some call Theta the holy grail. It is the level of DEEP meditation and prayer. How do we know that? We have wired participants to ECG machines and measured their brainwaves as they relaxed deeply.
The Ultra-Mind QUIT System with hypnosis is not religious in any way. We know it's like deep prayer or meditation and relaxation because users (and us,  remember the system was originally designed for our own use). Those users tell us. We know because we have been using the system on ourselves for many decades. Feedback from you once you own your own copy is encouraged. 

Let's get deeper, and faster than a  Zen Monk, then destroy the habit of smoking!

They say it takes 20 years to become an overnight success. The same can be said for being able to reach the same relaxation levels enjoyed by a Zen monk.

20 years is too long to wait. Those attitudes spurred us and other researchers to test, re-test and modify the systems to get to the same outcome faster.

We experimented. On ourselves. For instance, we are currently testing one of our systems on a seemingly unfix-able disease - Parkinson's. Ash's father has had Parkinson's for near 27 years and is "road testing" the tools. His doctor agrees that "it can only help". Has a ring of confidence hey?

Hypnosis, Brainwave Entrainment AND headphones with gentle relaxation - Faster - Deeper - more Powerful?
You bet!

A tool by itself is handy. Combine multiple tools and you have a "swiss army knife" at your disposal.

Wherever you are, so long as you have headphones you are good to go. Mobile. At work. At home. At play. Travelling.

What You'll Get...

Professionally recorded, with underlying multi level brainwave entrainment tracks all digitally overlaid hi-definition audio with surround sound effects for added entrainment All this wrapped into the "never before released for at-home use" 60 Minute Ultra-Mind QUIT audio system.

"​60 minutes session so relaxing you will want to listen again - just for the relaxation part! SO I am GIVING you the relaxation part - FREE"


For a very long time I hesitated offering this session and it's other "secret weapon" the relaxation introduction, to "outsiders" who I hadn't met personally in my clinic.  The first 19 minutes is my personal "go to" relaxation tool. My "secret weapon for those times when life catches up on me. I cannot guarantee that I will not take it off the market without notice if my clinic sales suffer. I am also thinking I may have priced it too low and should maybe double or quadruple the price. For now though. It's here and waiting for you ... " Ash Webb.


What You’ll Get...

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    Full Ultra-Mind QUIT session
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    The first 19 minutes of your quit session as a standalone audio for those times you need to relax. Deeply. Fast!
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    Unannounced Bonus: "How To  Use BWE for many other benefits".

All this now for just:


Get Instant Access to the Ultra-Mind QUIT system!

You deserve to be successful at quitting smoking! You have worked hard to decide to quit. I WANT you to succeed. Click the button below to get instant access to Ultra-Mind QUIT!

Ultra-Mind QUIT

We recorded a PROVEN live $500 quit smoking session that you can buy for a LOW $47

includes 1 file


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​​​​​​​​​​What more can we say? In our clinic, we offer repeat visits. We have to because clients don't have anything with them at home.
You will.
You will have your session always available for you. Having a weak moment? No worries. Simply pop on your headphones (yes, you must use headphones) and an hour later you are good to go. You are an EX-smoker.

"If you diligently listen to this system for 30 days and swear that you see no difference I will happily issue a refund "

Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)

Here are answers to some questions WE HAVE BEEN ASKED OVER THE YEARS - Just click on the questions to see the drop-down:
There are EVEN MORE answers further down the page!

"Will it work for me"?

​"How long will it work for"?

​"How long before it works?"

​"Is this mind control?"

​"I am a christian. Is this OK"?

​"Is this the same as ...?"

​"Am I too old? Too young?"

​"Is there anything else I have to buy to make it work?"

"What happens if you die?"

​"Does it have a shelf life"?

​"Will it go out of style"?

​"Will I get bored listening to it?"

​"Is this manipulative?"

​"is this woo woo?"

​"Is this meditation?"

​"If I go to sleep, will it still work?"

​"Why hasn't my doctor told me about this?"

​"What happens if it doesn't work for me?"

Lets Talk About Hypnosis - the engine that drives Ultra-Mind QUIT

You have two minds. your "Thinking Mind" and your "Autopilot Mind". Your thinking mind is reading these words and analyzing everything that it "knows" to be true. Like reminding you that your sense of smell has been "shot" since you started smoking. And that smoking is an addiction. And unhealthy. You know the stuff - you've read it all before.
The internal, and well hidden, "Habit Control Centre". Your autopilot mind is operating in the background under your thought radar. It's making sure your heart beats and lungs breath and all that other stuff you never need to even think about. The other thing your autopilot mind does is learn a few things once and then save you the trouble of remembering them all the time. Riding a bicycle, not touching a hot stove and in the case of say someone who smokes. Your autopilot mind doesn't have to constantly remind you that it's "cool" to smoke (like it did when you were a teenager). The problem is now you are an adult and you KNOW it's not cool to smoke but your autopilot mind has forgotten to stop (or get the latest "computer" update). Hypnosis is the tool that will install the latest update to your habit centre.

Hypnosis bypasses your "Thinking Mind" and goes straight to your internal "Habit Control Centre".

The story of how we made Quit in 60 is an interesting one. We wanted the recording to be as close to reality as possible. We asked a client to allow us to record a session. They agreed. You will never know this when you listen to your session. We couldn't use our regular clinic because there is quite a lot of traffic noise and bird life. Many people have asked "Ash, how do you hypnotize people in your clinic when it's not completely silent?" Easy, we use the outside sounds to help the client go into an even deeper level. Every time a noise happens we instruct the client to "go deeper". Most people would not expect that in a recording. So what we did was hire a recording studio (Black Dog Studios) and have the client enjoy the session there.​

The recording is NOT just me talking. You noticed earlier that I talked about brainwave entrainment and Beta, Alpha and Theta brainwaves. In the background, you will have the sounds of the ocean, nature and even wind (like if you were flying). Overlaid over the right sound effects at the right time is the brainwave entrainment. It's like a pulsing sound very lightly playing in the background. That pulsing sound takes you into one of the most relaxed states you have ever been in. The frequency starts off in Beta and slowly moves down to Alpha then to the top area of Theta. Tests have shown that you can very quickly get to the same level of relaxation as a Zen Monk who has been at it for 20 years. We like things to happen FAST here. An hour to quit smoking is all you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)


I smoke TOO many cigarettes to be able to stop easily.

I have had 5 or more packet a day smokers stop instantly.
No withdrawals. Nothing.
And on the money side - one even bought his daughter a car with what he saved!


What if I start again?

THAT, my friend is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. You OWN the session. It's YOURS. It is digitally signed to you so it is linked to you and you only. Having a weak moment?

Listen to your session again.

As easy as putting on a set of headphones.


I put on weight when I stopped last time.

That is most people fear. Easily understood because most of us, when we quit in the past replaced cigarettes with food.

Doesn't happen with your session.

The system is designed by someone who made every mistake known so as it was refined, so too were the different "mistakes of the past" corrected.


I will get soooo angry if I quit.

Yup! THAT was ME. When I was younger I had a short fuse. Add in the stress of withdrawal symptoms and "get outa my way"!! Even though I am your hypnotherapist AND I used my own recordings, I keep getting surprised that no-one gets stressed when they use my session.


I "hang out" for my smoke when I ...

Fill in the blank! For me it was when I had a drink. Others, it's when they sit down for a coffee, work break or whatever you use to STOP. You will still be able to STOP and have a drink, coffee or work break as an ex- smoker. Making sure those times that used to trigger a "smoke break" are not an issue anymore - they are all covered in your session.


I don't have strong willpower. If I did I would have already quit.

What a GREAT point! I agree with you too. When my kids were little they used to say "dad, why don't you stop smoking?" I tried (nearly 5 different times), and failed each time. One time was for a year. Then I started again. The cruncher was when i took my own advice. I still have my original recording - a cassette tape (remember them?). The difference with hypnosis is you don't need willpower. Here's why. Hypnosis changes your internal "stories" we tell ourselves. You know the ones. I can't do this or that. Until you do. EVERYTHING you have ever learnt to do. When you started you couldn't do it. Then you learnt and never gave it a second thought. Hypnosis is like that.

Ultra-Mind QUIT

We recorded a PROVEN live $500 quit smoking session that you can buy for a LOW $47

includes 1 file


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout                    

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​​​​​​​​​​What more can we say? In our clinic, we offer repeat visits. We have to because clients don't have anything with them at home.
You will.
You will have your session always available for you. Having a weak moment? No worries. Simply pop on your headphones (yes, you must use headphones) and an hour later you are good to go. You are an EX-smoker.

"If you diligently listen to this system for 30 days and swear that you see no difference I will happily issue a refund "

STILL not sure if you should Quit? Watch this video 

Take note of what happens at the 2 and a half minutes mark ...

Disclaimer: These sessions are NO reason to bypass any and or everything your medical practitioner advises. Before undertaking any major changes please consult the relevant experts